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Mac Jones
เรียกดู: วันที่วางจำหน่าย:2022-11-22

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Mac Jones played better against the Jets but called red zone performance super disappointing

Mac Jones stat line was decent. But it didnt translate into points.

For the second game in a row,Mac Jonesdidnt turn the ball over.

He completed all but four of his passes, and his receivers helped him out with plenty of yards after the catch.

Overall, completing 85 percent of passes and throwing for 246 yards is a pretty decent performance. Even though he wassacked six times.

I thought we stayed together as a unit, didnt lose our cool and worked together to try to win, Jones said. Obviously Marcus [Jones] return was the icing right there on the cake, but thats a good football team in a tough environment. They played really well, and got to give credit to them, and happy that we won, and thats a great divisional win.

In the end, the Patriots had enough for a10-7 win against the Jets, which both illustrates how well New Englands defense played and how lost opposing quarterback Zach Wilson looked. But Jones streak of being held to a touchdown or less continues. He still doesnt have a multiple-touchdown performance 10 games into the season, and New England is now 3-8 in the red zone since Jones return from injury.

I think its super disappointing, Jones said. We put too much work in to get that result. I think it starts with us, the execution part, and then obviously trying to figure something out here, just make it work and get through that, like you said, 35-, 40-yard line and just see if we can get through that and see what happens. Every time youre moving the ball towards the goal line, its good. When youre going backwards for whatever reason, its not.

One of the ways Jones wants to open up the Patriots offense is to run more play action plays.

I think play action pass is a good part of every offense, and you want to be able to get the linebackers to come up and the safeties and all that stuff, Jones said. Definitely want to expand on that. Something weve done really well here in the past, and just try to do that and match it up with everything were doing. Like I said, theres quick throws, medium, long, play action, RPOs, screens, all that stuff.

We want to do better. We want to obviously score more than three points, Jones said. Its not good enough. Got to look at it and see what we can do better. Its kind of the same story here. Well figure it out, but it takes time and execution. Thats what it comes down to. Putting points on the board and not turning the ball over is important, which we didnt do today, so thats how we win games 95 percent if we dont turn it over.

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5 takeaways from the Patriots win over the Jets

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